International Women’s Day

Short post today… I’m making hummus and granola bars (more on that later)

Google Logo for the day

If you’ve opened Google today you’ve seen this image and possibly wondered what it was all about.  Well, it’s International Women’s Day!  What does that even mean?  Visit this website.

Now for an article: “Subject for Debate: Are Women People?

(***Update 09/05/12: Although I loved my time at WordPress, I found it was my time to move on. I am now at Blogger; I believe it to be a better fit for me personally. If you subscribe, or want to subscribe, to this blog, please be sure to subscribe to the new one. Here’s the link.)

How are you celebrating women (even the not people ones) today?

1 thought on “International Women’s Day

  1. Maggie Post author

    Just reminiscing on old posts. Noticed the little notice about making granola bars and hummus. I took beautiful pictures of these projects. Then Reid and I went to canyonlands in Utah for spring break (took beautiful pictures there too). But we lost the camera. How sad those blog posts won’t come to life… I will have to make those again.


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