Running 101

I have tried adopting running off and about once every month for the last 6 years. There were times when I had my schedule down pat and I even got to the point where I actually started enjoying it. Every time I have tried running program I stop for some reason. Sometimes I would get too busy, sometimes it was that I became a wimp in the winter, sometimes it was that I became a wimp in the summer, sometimes I was just a wimp, and sometimes I plain forgot that I was trying to start running. Needless to say I am not a runner.

I want to be though. I love running culture and I generally enjoy the activity (except when I first start out after not doing it for a long time and the wheezing begins). So I’m sticking to it this time. And I’m posting it to my blog because this way someone out there knows if I fail. I just don’t think I can take that kind of disappointment from you.

One thing I discovered about my past attempts is that everyone who has tried to teach me about running, (friends, trainers, coaches, blogs, vlogs, etc.) have all been very athletic. Because of this, and my consistent gung-ho attitude about all things in general (Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you), I would always jump in with both feet and no net. I would think to myself, “I’m going to run five miles today,” and then I would feel like a failure when I couldn’t accomplish these impossible goals. 

But the truth is, most of the plans that were presented to me were made for athletic people, by athletic people. I am not an athletic people. I need to start small and take baby steps.

Since this is the real deal, I’m trying something new. I’m going to sneak running in to my daily routine and the change will be so gradual I won’t even know that I’m being so sneaky (shhh, don’t tell Maggie!)

Soooooo, here’s the game plan. I am on week two and going strong. Every week I amp up the running time or tone down the walking time until suddenly I can run twenty minutes straight, no sweat (pun intended?). Or at least that’s the plan.

Maggie's Mind Mumbles//: Running 101: A Beginner's Guide to Running
If you want to follow my running plan too, you can download the pdf here.
(I am still getting used to using blogger: Google Docs displays the preview without some of the detail but they tell me it will be restored in printing. If you have problems with this feel free to shoot me an email: or leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the pdf directly)


3 thoughts on “Running 101

  1. Maggie Haseman

    Thanks Dustin! I love advice from non-beginners. I always forget this… I think that's why I've had such a struggle with running in the past: I would always start out going fast and think to myself, “Wow, this is easy!” but then I realize that it's not so easy when it's too late and I'm wheezing to death.

    Right now my runs are very short (I think they're about a mile), because of the walking mixed in. But when I am able to run for an extended period without breaking I'll have to remember this.

  2. Guitar Teacher

    Hey Magfries, just remember that running is always a balance of speed/endurance. If you run too fast, you won't be able to run as long, and vice-versa. If I'm going for a long run, I make sure to take it really slow, especially in the beginning. 🙂


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