It’s All About the . . . Arms

“It’s all about the…” is a series of workouts I have created that focus on specific areas. Todays workout is about arms. This is for no particular reason except that I needed an arm workout. The other day I raised my hand in class and noticed a jiggly-wobbly bit hanging down. I said to my arm, “This is unacceptable behavior, I didn’t expect it from you of all body parts. Now get back in line!”

Yeah… we’re working on that.

Maggie's Mind Mumbles//: It's All About the Arms Workout

Here’s my workout. I do it on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; the key is to do it on three non-consecutive days every week. You only need to do it one time through due to the repetitive nature of the actions.

Maggie's Mind Mumbles//: It's All About the Arms Workout

Download this free printable workout.

I have also created a glossary for workout terms in case they are obscure or I use different names than what other people call things. Feel free to check that out. 

These are the terms used in this workout:
Back Row
Standing with legs hip-width distance apart bend your knees slightly. Lean your upper body forward. Hold a weight in each hand, arms at side and palms facing in. Pull your elbows up behind your body until your arms are at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. Release to starting.
Bicep Curl
Hold a weight in each hand, arms down, and palms forward. Bending at the elbow lift the weight to your shoulders. Release weight back to starting position.

Half-Bicep Curl
Similra to bicep curls but instead of lifting the weights all the way to your shoulders stop when your forearms are parallel to the floor and release to starting.
Lay on your belly with hand flat on the floor on either side, forearms perpendicular to the floor. Stiffen body and literally push yourself away from the ground, hinging at the toes. When arms are straight hold and with control release your body, hover above the ground and repeat.

Shoulder Press
Hold a weight in each hand above your shoulders, next to your ears. With palms facing in life the weights straight up until your arms are straight directly over your shoulders. release to starting position.
Tricep Dip
Find an elevated surface such as a step, a coffee table over a chair. Place your palms on the surface directly behind your body. Hold yourself up and gently lower yourself down using your arms. When your arms make a 90-degree angle behind you lift yourself back up to the starting position.
Hold a weight in each hand, arms at your side with palms facing in. Lift with straight arms and open them into a v-shape until arms are parallel with the floor.  Hold then carefully release to starting position.;dcadv=3632184;sz=180×150;lid=41000000028505128;pid=PFH1009;usg=AFHzDLv4r3ZGw8ZFueFlWvW3xAq58ZkFTw;;pubid=575791;price=%24468.26;title=%22Dumbbell+Jelly+Bell+R…;merc=Wayfair;;width=85;height=85;dcadv=3632184;sz=180×150;lid=41000000000342669;pid=599180;usg=AFHzDLsq-6YJ3kVCyf80YneCEYTujAGMYg;;pubid=575791;price=%2425.98;title=Weider+Pilates+Mat;merc=Kohl%27s;;width=85;height=85;dcadv=3632184;sz=180×150;lid=41000000000342669;pid=1032095;usg=AFHzDLsnvWQ6j8b4Osnoln_4cfV_XwAa2Q;;pubid=575791;price=%2434.00;title=Champion+Double+Dry+Ab…;merc=Kohl%27s;;width=85;height=85


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