It’s All About the . . . Heart

Today, not only is it Workout Wednesday but it’s Halloween! And as if your heart’s not pounding enough from fright fests, scary movies, ghouls, goblins, and ghosts, and other Halloween fun, I’m adding another post to my “It’s All About the…” series: cardio.

glitters 123 [dot] com

The difference between cardio exercises and the other five focused-workouts (arms, legs, buns, abs, and girls) is that cardio workouts do not require you to rest the muscles 48 hours between workouts. In fact, most trainer’s encourage at least 20 minutes of elevated heart rate activities every day.

If you’re a runner, or want to become one (my beginner’s guide to running), running is a great cardio exercise. Walking is another (although you must walk quickly enough to keep your heart rate up). On days you just can’t bring yourself to leave the house, there’s “It’s All About the Heart”.

It’s a great series of exercises you can do at home. It’s also great for the park, the office, your dorm room, between classes, the supermarket… well maybe not the supermarket, but you get my point. Now get up, turn on The Monster Mash and get that heart pounding!

Download the free printable workout.

View my workout terms glossary. The following are workout moves you’ll see in this sequence:

High Knees
Start standing and begin jogging in place lifting your knees as high as possible.

Jumping Jacks
Starting standing with feet together and arms straight by your sides. Jump up and spread your arms and legs wide as you land. Jump up again to return to center.

Star Jumps
Stand with feet hip-width apart. Squat down and jump up as high as you can. In midair spread your arms and legs wide. As you land in the starting position bend your knees.

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