In an effort to add a little more color and beauty into the world, every week on Pinterest I pick one of my favorite things and create a a new board to house all the images I find. On Tuesdays I make a blog post devoted to the theme.


When ever one door closes another one opens.

Doors can represent many things, hope, opportunity, transition from one state or position to another and metamorphosis. 

  • In Christian traditions the three doors of a cathedral or church symbolize faith, hope and chairty. 
  • In Hinduism divinities are carved on door jambs to indicate the deity through which man enters the Supreme Presence. 
  • Janus is the Roman god of doorways and hold the key to the power of opening and closing. 
  • Zodiacal symbolism holds Cancer, the sign of the summer solstice, as the door of men and represents the dying power and descent of the sun. Capricorn, the sign of the winter solstice, is the door of gods, and represent the ascent and rising power of the sun.
  • The door of an Egyptian temple was seen as giving access to the “Amenta, where the soul was united with the immortal spirit and where, from then on, it remained.”
  • The Sumerian goddess Inanna’s passed through seven doors to arrive before the seven judges of the under world
  • Masonic lodges contain three doors, which represent the qualities acquired successively through the stages crossed: discrimination, absence of desires, self-control.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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