I seem to be just in time to participate in National Blog Post Month in which bloggers are challenged to post something new every day throughout the month of November. I’m excited to test my limits and try to get into the blogging spirit this month so it looks like you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

I’m hoping I can commit to such a lofty goal (especially since I’ve barely committed to blogging once each week). I am easily distracted by shiny social media whenever I am sitting at the computer, so giving myself clear guidelines will help me focus back into the schedule I once kept like clockwork. Wish me luck!
It’s late on a Saturday now. And I’m not sure I’ve EVER posted on a Saturday, so I’m at a loss for what to write. Here’s a play-by-play of my day. I was called off work due to weather and a slow day at the restaurant so I ended up spending my day finishing a pair of crocheted teal and tan bunny slippers that I recently sold on my Etsy store

While crocheting I like to have a TV show playing in the background. My most recent series is The Carrie Diaries. I thought it was going to be a dumb attempt to stretch the story of Sex and the City but I actually am really enjoying watching it.
I got a little restless so I rode my bike to the park where my boyfriend, Dana, plays bike polo. If you don’t know much about bike polo, I would describe it as a cross between equestrian polo and roller hockey. Two teams of three bike-riding players try to score goals using mallets. It’s very exciting to watch, I have not participated. It was also draft night for Portland Bike Polo Bench League. I was thoroughly entertained hanging out with these passionate players while they took turns picking players for each of the 4 teams (Dana was one of the captains). 
That’s when I remembered, “It’s the first of November! I was gonna do that blog thing and I’m already failing.” And now you’re all caught up. Happy (late) Halloween!

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